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Rehearsal Dates
Music Director: Patrick Larley


Rehearsal Schedule for:
Gabriel Fauré Requiem (GF)
John Rutter Requiem (JR)

Tuesday 9th January
GF No.1  Introit & Kyrie Note the dynamic range pp – f. Sustained singing with good breath control required.  Place the 't' of luceat on the following rest sustaining the 'ah' vowel.
Bar20 - 1st basses join Tenors. Light head voices on top notes.
No.2 Offertory Keeping pitch in this movement is absolutely crucial. Again breath control is the key and very legato singing. 'Connect' all the notes.

JR No.1 Requiem Aeternam. Pitching and sustaining the dissonant clashes in the first section is the main difficulty in the first section.(eg. Eflat - E natural+ / Csharp – C natural).
pp.4 -10 This is more melodic and must be sung with breadth and smooth vocal line.
Bar62 Exaudi – real powerful exclamations!


Tuesday 16th January
GF Revise Nos.1 & 2.
No.3 Sanctus One breath – One phrase. No breaks in the vocal lines.
(Altos remain very quiet and patient until b.47 when they join in 'Hosanna'!!

JR Revise No.1
No.2 Out of the deep. Don't hurry the triplet on the opening three words.
The misterious mood changes at the foot of p.15 into a more lyrical style. (SMILE).

Tuesday 23rd January
GF No.5 Agnus Dei 1st Basses join Tenors in the unison sections. Sing lightly using head voices.
At LETTER C Lux Aeterna  Sopranos – don't 'sag' on that held 'C'  Develop it......

JR Revise Nos.1 & 2
No.3 Pie Jesu


Tuesday 30th January
GF Working on intonation in No.2 Offertory

JR Working on intonation in No.1 Requiem Aeternam
No.4 Sanctus  Majestically declaimed Sanctus over the pealing bells accompaniment.
Keep tempo absolutely secure and energetic.

Tuesday 6th February
GF No.6  Libera me  Chorus enter at LETTER B. 2 in a bar. Express the words of trembling and fearfulness but don't sing with trembling and fearfulness.
At LETTER C Dies illa.  Still 2 in a bar – there's a real 'swing' in this passage.
p.43 last FIVE bars will be in 4 in a bar with a 'rallentando' to the end.

JR No.5 Agnus Dei This returns to the dissonant harmonies of the first movement.
At LETTER B Man that is born of a woman. Sing with flexibility – very legato


Tuesday 13th February
GF & JR Revise and secure all movements so far.


Tuesday 20th February
GF No.7 In Paradisum This is so exposed sopranos. Absolute security of pitch and rhythm is needed here.
ALTO 2 take upper Tenor notes from b.21 to the end. (Write them into the alto line)
JR No.6 The Lord is my Shepherd  Very lyrical, smooth singing style in opening section.
From LETTER C Yea though I walk – more flexible, following the natural speech accents.


Tuesday 27th February
GF Revise No.7
JR No.7 Lux Aeterna


Tuesday 6th, 13th and 20th March
Revise and work on ALL movements as required.


Saturday 24th March
2.00pm – 5.00pm FULL REHEARSAL in CHURCH
7.30pm CONCERT
Dress: Ladies - Black with Red scarves, Men – Black shirts.


Please read the notes very carefully and try to do some preparation for each rehearsal. It is an indication of the work we will be covering at each rehearsal. Of course, as the term progresses it may be necessary to make changes to the schedule as particular needs demand.

Your commitment to all rehearsals is so important in order to ensure that we can put on a choral concert of the highest standard.

Thank you.

Patrick Larley.


Brahms Requiem
Haydn Little Organ Mass

If any of you would like to join the Festival Chorus for this concert the rehearsals are:
Saturday January 13th
Saturday February 24th ALL rehearsals
Saturday March 17th Newtown Methodist Church 10.00am - 2.30pm
Saturday April 21st
Friday May 4th Theatr Hafren 7.30pm
Saturday May 5th Theatr Hafren Rehearsal 2.30pm CONCERT 7.30pm


Come and Sing the choruses of Mozarts Requiem.
Saturday 27th 10.00 - 5.30pm Welshpool Methodist Church
Details and application forms visit: or ask me for further details of both these events.


Social Events and Fundraisers
100 Club
Many choir members and friends support the 100 Club which is proving a very valuable source of additional funds for the Society. Participants pay £15 each year in April and there are monthly prizes of £30 and £10. To join please contact Howard Holmes directly or by emailing